The name “Butterflies On My Porch” was inspired by summers spent on our back porch enjoying and watching nature. Entertainment can’t get any simpler than that really. When my son was smaller, we had a kiddies pool filled and left on one end of our porch. He spent hours in his little pool playing with his water toys as I often stuck my hot feet in to also enjoy the cool water, as I read my magazines and dreamed of all my future projects.  So many cool drinks sampled on this simple cement porch, laughing with each other or friends who just stopped by for a chat and a cool drink. Nights spent listening to the sounds of the night, neighbors quietly talking over the fences and warm breezes blowing.

That was the simple life. This year I started clearing out my house of distractions. Distractions that now keep me from enjoying the simple life. Too much vacuuming under, dusting over and running into extra items in the way. The little end table I just had to have, an extra chair that sits in the living room just because I brought home a replacement but never actually replaced it. This year I am ridding myself and my home of items that have no real use or enjoyment for us.

It is so freeing to allow myself to clean them out of my small home and offer them to others who might enjoy them for a season in their lives. I have re-made things into other uses in our home, now I am giving them to another person to re-make into their own special something.

When I am through (and possibly during) my cleaning out process, we’ll look at projects I still have to do for my home. After all tweaking your home for you is the best motivator.  Join me as we learn new things together and enjoy a simpler life.

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