Garden Keeping

Even as a child I was fascinated by gardens. My grandfather used to plant flowers and bushes all around our large yard. He landscaped our yard over the years, putting in secret gardens and hedges to make curious gazers walk around just one more bend to see what awaited them. In the side yard he created two diamond shaped flower beds. The first had all peonies growing inside it. I’m sure he got the starts from friends and neighbors. The second was ‘Grandma’s Garden’ and everyone knew to keep out. Here she had her prize rose bushes. I never saw Grandma weed her garden, I’m sure Grandpa did all the work, but how she loved her roses. Pink was her favorite color and he planted a rose bud tree near her garden just for Grandma. Every spring Grandma would rave about the beauty of her rose bud tree.

Lilacs separated the front from the back yards on the side with apple trees planted for shade as well as for picking. All I remember was having to gather those little green apples into baskets to toss away throughout the summer. Grandpa was a genius at growing almost any plant. My favorite was his zinnias that lined the back garden just outside our back door. They were various colors and I loved how they sang with their bright colors.

My gardens are different and not nearly as well kept as Grandpa’s. I have Black Eyed Susans I bought,

Brown Eyed Susans from a fellow gardening friend, this little one is needing a new home since it planted itself in the middle of my pathway.

And Rose Campion that the birds dropped as if magic into my garden. I have May Night Salvia, Cransbill Geraniums and bee balm. I even have some day lilies that bloom all summer.

This year, after a few years of neglect due to caring for my elderly mother, I will be redesigning my garden. I am moving a brick pillar I built and will be white washing it for my country garden. A friend of mine will be putting in a hose holding post in the front and back gardens and soon I will finally be able to hang my butterfly house that I acquired a few years ago.

I bought some wave petunias, one of my favorite plants, for my front stoop’s planter, the color is black cherry.

I also purchased a trumpet vine in a passionate pink color and cannot wait to plant it near my garden shed and await the wonderful colors climbing up an old spring from a baby crib that I acquired from a neighbor for just this purpose. I have a wood trellis but this just screams trumpet vine.

I have plans for my gardens this year (as I do every year) and I am sure as I am every year that I will only get down a few inches on my mile long list of ‘to dos’. It’s okay though, dreaming is the most fun ever! And I am so very good at dreaming.

Blessing to each of you as you dream this spring too!

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