Let’s Have Fun And Make a Design Board!

Do you ever find a piece of fabric or a paint color or even a piece of art that inspires you so much that you redesign a whole room around it? Me too! That thought came into my mind this week and I thought that maybe my readers had trouble like I do fitting other design elements into the same room, especially if you are changing colors in a radical way. Even seasoned designers need a bit of help to see the whole vision of a room and this is why design boards are so popular, they are EASY and they are FUN!

I am in the process of changing my colors in my own home. So I thought it might be fun to show my viewers how plan designs in your own home and how I make design boards for your house.

When I decide to re-design a room in my house I like to make a board. This may seem like a mystery to some who love to decorate but haven’t had much experience or maybe training in design, or maybe it is just overwhelming as it is to lots of people. It really isn’t a difficult thing to do and it will give you more control over how your new design will flow and how the colors interact with each other. So let’s have some fun and make a board!

This is a must do in my thinking especially if you have a difficult time seeing everything in one room setting beforehand. After all you don’t want to purchase new furniture or refurbish new pieces that later you find will not fit into the room or won’t look right in the room.

The first thing I like to do is draw everything onto a sheet of graph paper, if you are into computers you can easily do this by going to the “view” tab in Word and click on “gridlines”. Make your scale up, add your room and start putting your furnishings into the room according to scale. If you want there are plenty of free design programs that allow you to do this online too, just do a search with the words “tools for room design”. I have done this with every move I’ve made since ‘forever’ and it really makes things flow so much better especially on moving day!

After I’ve done my furniture placement I start piecing together my design board. I find pictures of my furniture, if I am painting the pieces I add the paint chip next to the photo, fabrics, wall paint chips and anything else going into the room such as lamps, floor coverings etc. These need to be placed onto the design board with each piece identified and you can add dimensions if you need those.

When I get my board around, I might see that my dresser doesn’t quite go with the lamp and I can tinker with those especially if I am doing this before purchasing items. This is where the design board really comes in handy, to see what you may want to change before you do any major purchases.

Once the board is complete and you are happy with it you can start buying paint and any items you may want to add. Your board should give you the confidence that your end product will be beautiful without any expensive mistakes, something to be proud of for years to come.

I hope this has helped some of you with your future decorating ideas. Just remember, have fun with it! Blessings to all until next week.

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