Patio Chair Quick Fix

Sixteen years ago I purchased my patio set. It was beautiful! I remember sitting on my porch putting all the set together, thinking how much fun it would be to entertain on my patio…It was a wonderful set and really worked hard for us for 16 years. We had birthday parties, friends gathering for meals with us, family gatherings around our patio. But then…Ya. Now it has seen better days. Here you can see the faded seats, the dirt and algae on the metal. Ick!

As a single woman, there is no man around to help me put my summer items away, to protect them. I got tired of asking friends to come every fall to help me lug my table into the shed, or up on my covered porch to protect it from the snow and ice. I began covering my table and chairs with a tarp and living it on my patio all winter, but a few years back I even quit doing that.

The years of neglect has taken a toll on my set, along with its age. But lately I’d seen other sites that used spray paint on faded chairs like mine–Ya! Who knew??! “What genius thinking”, I thought! So I bought my own paint, to try it myself, what did I have to lose at $3/chair?

I decided to try a close match since I wasn’t really wanting to change the color. My close match was almost exact. What great luck. So this is what I purchased.

This will not be a long term fix by any means but at $3/can to extend my chairs a few more years might be worth it, right?

I waited for a sunny, clear day; free from any possibility of rain and began spray painting my chairs. I urge you to wear a mask especially on humid days, it wasn’t long before my asthma flared up. It took a full day to do this, extended slightly into the next morning…not bad for a quick fix.

The chairs were covered with dirt and algae. You will want to clean them well. I found plain water did well for me. Since this was only a temporary fix I wasn’t over-doing it. I did use a ‘scrubbie sponge’, you know the kind with a scrubber on the other side, and scrubbed away.

There was more damage to one of the chairs than the others. It may not last two more years but the others were fine.

The paint did quite well at covering the faded fabric and chipping plastic paint on the metal. There were a few places on the side edges of the seat where the extensive sun damage to the fabric prevented the paint from covering, but overall I was quite impressed. So if you even think you’d like to put off buying a new set for another year or two, this is a cheap, quick fix and looks really impressive.

I decided not to paint my table this time since it cleaned up with some scrubbing and water very well. You have to look close to see that I did not paint it. If you are looking to extend your patio set by refurbishing it, this is definitely an option!

Hope this was an inspiration to you, its definitely a cheap option. I am amazed at the things you can spray paint! Blessings.

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