Summer Days

This week I thought it would be nice to talk gardens. My gardens are starting to bloom here in Indiana. I love my gardens. I love to sit on my porch and enjoy all the flowers blooming in each of my gardens. I enjoy drinking iced water while sitting on my porch swing in the summer. What I don’t enjoy is the heat that always comes in the summer, you know the kind, the unrelenting heat that lasts throughout the night. Waking up in the morning only to open the back door to be hit by the stifling heat as you step outside.

Snow in summer was given to me by a fellow garage sale hostess as I visited her sale and commented on her beautiful garden. She offered ALL her plants as they were re-planting the garden and the flowers would be tossed. So of course I jumped at the chance to dig some up and they have blossomed beautifully and generously in my garden.

My solace in the heat are my flowers. You can see that I am way behind with my weed control, I try to deal with this first in the spring. This year I am re-designing my garden and it is taking a while longer to get it whipped into shape. It will get there though.

My hardy Cranesbill geraniums are a wonderful addition to my gardens. This was also a gift from a co-worker. It was a 3″ plant in a rather large pot which I planted and it enjoyed its spot. Every year it gets about 30″ wide and about 18″ high, so pretty much every year I divide it up for friends or other areas in my many gardens. This year I have used them in my front garden as a new border since they bloom on and off pretty much from spring until fall. Aren’t they lovely?! I’ve even found a baby or two taking root nearby it’s mother plant that I can carry off to new bloom areas.

These are my yet to bloom Rose Campion that came to me free and expectantly one year. The wind or the birds dropped this wonderful flower into my front gardens. It is a beautiful, hot pink flower from the carnation family and blooms from about now until long into fall and winter. It is the best thing that I never planted in my gardens.

These small flowers by now are about 24″-30″ tall and will get all of four feet before they bloom. They are a version of Brown Eyed Susans and when they bloom are delicate, miniature versions of the more well known Black Eyed Susan plants. These plants re-seed, which means they will not come up in exactly the same spot in your gardens AND they will spread like wild fire too!

The last plant I will show you in my front garden is my Butterfly Weed.

This is actually coming to full bloom now. I started with one plant given to me, I added a few more for company. This year is the biggest yield ever with a huge patch of these beauties coming to life smack in the middle of my garden. Of course the milk weed pods spread them all through my garden and I will gather them up into bunches in other parts to color my garden in orange patches.

I planted some new shrubs this year and will show you these later, along with all my plants in bloom…but for now it is for our anticipation that makes gardening so much fun. Every year the plants re-plant themselves into new areas, some of them die out naturally but it is a new canvas every spring and summer–one I cannot wait to explore each year.

Until next week…blessings to all and I hope your gardens are a special blessing to each of you also.

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