This week I am getting ready for a few simple carpentry projects to be done in my gardens. One is a hose holding post to which I am adding my butterfly house to. My butterfly house has been sitting vacant in my garage since I purchased it at a garage sale a few years ago. It’s been a project that I have to finish and, until this year I was not finding any good directions on how to finish it. Now I know and it will be finished soon to get mounted onto my post.

While I was looking for a hose holder post design, I found a lot of them of course on Pinterest. Here are some of my favorites. This one is fairly simple to make and is also fairly plain. I like the hook but don’t know if I can find one, although it has to be cheaper than the regular hose holders.

The next picture is a bit fancier although not much. This is the hose holder I will probably use on my post.

Some of the holders are a less plain if you are looking at the hose holder itself. I like the flat type cap best I think.

I Am thinking of adding a shelf, I like that element for extra nozzles and such, would also look darling with a small potted plant sitting there.

This last one is my favorite since I was thinking of adding my butterfly house on top even before I spied this one–I DID! Honest!

My second project is a garbage can garage, not sure if that’s the right term, but it’s what I call it. There are many styles I found just browsing through Pinterest but I am thinking just a two-sided fixture with some pavers put into the ground about driveway height to make it easy for my son to do his garbage routine.

I plan on adding some post cap lights to it so it will be easily seen at night.

Here are a few examples of these I ran across. This one seems over the top for what my budget and possibly my handiman’s talents, sorry Don.  He also does not like to build entirely from scratch and I get that since that’s exactly how I like to cook, Ha! And since I don’t have a wall, that would not work.

This next picture is one that I would love, but again too complicated and expensive.

This last one is more like what I was wanting. But still too…much.

This is what I will be trying for, something easy for Brody to get to and slip the trash can inside, yet sheltered enough the wind can do little damage.

My last project is painting my trim this summer. After buying white paint and determined to use it, I was sat down and told that would just be boring, and since the last thing I want to be is ‘b-o-r-i-n-g’ I am now thinking I want to add some ‘pizazz’ to my house, give it a bit more personality. Right now I feel it is like a wallflower and I want to dress it up so it gets noticed more (silly me thinking white would do that). I’ve chosen a turquoise color but finding beige homes with turquoise trim in Pinterest is a bit difficult. We were outside looking at the different chips yesterday, I invited our neighbor from across the street to join in since they will be looking at it outside their windows.

Most of the examples I found were only front doors painted turquoise and I am painting the cedar trim around my windows and garage door…this on is pretty but looks more like a beach house.

I like this one but again it doesn’t have the trim painted turquoise and I don’t have shutters on my house.

This is more what I needed to see how my house would look.

Of course my house is smaller but it gives me a good idea of how it will look. So does this:

We stood outside looking at paint chips for quite a while. Today I go shopping for paint samples to try. Won’t be able to paint until maybe next week now, not enough sun and rain later this week. On the left you can see my paste-up of a garbage garage and I put in some pots with plants to see if I want that. My picture is from the winter so my beautiful garden is not even green.

So what do you think? Is turquoise a color you might use on your house? Does it perk up my beige house?

Blessings to everyone until we talk again.

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