The Elusive Storage Cabinet

Have you ever spent hours…days…months…years looking for just the right ‘pièces de ré·sis·tance’? Well for the last several months I have been scouring the city at garage sales, antique booths and thrift/resale shops for just the right piece that would give me the storage I’ve been needing for my kitchen. A piece that would stand out in the right way and be an asset to my real estate.

Last weekend, I dragged my son and a very accommodating friend along with me while I shopped all over town and through another town looking for my elusive cabinet. I knew what I had in mind, you see I am a collector of sorts. I collect pretty pieces of furniture or really ugly pieces that need a lot of love, but this weekend no one had what I considered to be the ideal candidate for my storage crisis refurbished or just plain ugly and waiting to be a Cinderella piece.

I had searched Craig’s list for cabinets, but the prices were so outrageous. I even made offers to one seller who was selling a much damaged cabinet with a large crack down the whole door front (not shown), for more than four times it’s worth, and that’s being generous. But after trying to negotiate with him for about a month, he was unwilling to go down at all. So I moved on.

I shopped a local store who specializes in custom painting new pieces they rework to look older. But alas, they could not accommodate me—which I thought was strange seeing that this is their specialty. Oh well.

In all honesty I did get a rather late response from one Craig’s list seller, this would have easily saved me hundreds of dollars and allowed me to choose the paint color and cabinet knobs I wanted on my own. Since the response was so late I had already purchased my new cabinet, already reworked and soon to be delivered to my door.

I grew up in a home that my grandparents built in the 1920’s. It had built in linen closets, walk-in closets and a real dining room with a built-in buffet. It was wonderful with its drawers and glass cupboard doors, along with its glass knobs on the doors to pull them open.

My mother had her prized dishes (a gift from a family friend) displayed behind the glass. It had a mirror just under high windows that went all the way across the buffet. She would decorate her buffet with her crystal candle holders and holiday decorations.

This was the room our family would use most often when company came to visit. All our meals with guests occurred in this room. She and Dad would host parties with their friends at the large dining table (which was the only item that survived a shipwreck when our family came from Switzerland). There they hosted all their card games. My sister and I were already tucked into our bed but there we could hear the loud voices and laughter as they played their games. It was a happy part of my childhood.

I found my piece online on, it was what you owned if you weren’t lucky enough to own a ‘built-in’. It is all the rage right now to re-work these buffets or servers into the chalk paint pieces that are so popular. Ideally I had really wanted to do this myself, but time was of the essence and I did not have the luxury of waiting much longer.

If you are not familiar with, you are really missing out. This is an artist site created just for people wanting to sell hand-made goods. You can find a plethora of items. Reworking antiques is now popular so I went to this site to see if they had what I wanted. There were a lot of sellers with items I would have loved to buy, but they were thousands of miles from me and therefore the shipping would be astronomical. I found one close by, I was thinking of going to pick it up but the fee was so small to deliver and carry into my house, that I just decided to pay the delivery fee.

For those of you thinking this was an extravagance for me to buy this already re-worked, it was. I wrestled a long time with this, but the time had come to do this. I now have three servers AKA buffets doing outstanding jobs of storage for me. Two of them store my DVD’s and game accessories for my son in two different tv locations. But now after moving one out of the kitchen years ago, I will replace the lost item with a much flashier member. I cannot wait to show you.

If you’ve refurbished one yourself, I would love it if you could share how you did it and of course show us pics! Have a blessed week.

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